Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tell Congress, no Trump Trade. Replace NAFTA with a deal that benefits people and the planet, not corporate polluters!

In the pocket of big business
Here we go again. Activists defeated the toxic Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Now Donald Trump's plans for renegotiating NAFTA would actually make a bad deal even worse.

Today Donald Trump took the first step towards NAFTA renegotiation -- informing Congress of his intent to redo the deal. With Trump at the helm of U.S. trade policy, corporate polluters are chomping at the bit to get an even better deal for themselves -- at the expense of workers and the environment.

Let Congress know that "Trump Trade" is a non-starter! Call your member of Congress today at 1-888-701-6507. Tell them we must replace NAFTA with a deal that benefits people and the planet, not corporate polluters!

Donald Trump's empty rhetoric on trade is already becoming apparent. While he's made promises to American workers, the same corporations that backed toxic trade deals like NAFTA and the TPP appear to have only strengthened their hands with Trump in office.

Case in point: One of the corporate polluters behind Trump's trade agenda -- Wilbur Ross. He's a billionaire former coal CEO who offshored jobs and supported the TPP. Now, as Trump's Commerce Secretary, he says that the TPP could serve as the "starting point" for Trump's NAFTA renegotiation. Workers and environmentalists worked side by side to defeat the TPP and we're not about to let Trump use NAFTA renegotiation to revive the TPP's handouts to corporate polluters.

Donald Trump didn't defeat the TPP -- we did! Now, as NAFTA is renegotiated, we demand a seat at the table. Instead, Trump appears content to use the same closed-door negotiating process that produced NAFTA in the first place, where corporate advisors get privileged access while the public gets shut out.

Call your member of Congress now at 1-888-701-6507. Tell them that we must replace NAFTA with a deal to benefit people and the planet, not Trump's corporate cronies.

If we act quickly, we can make it clear to Congress that NAFTA 2.0 should go nowhere unless it supports good jobs, healthy communities, and a clean environment.

- Anthony Torres
Sierra Club, Responsible Trade Program

Call your member of Congress now at 1-888-701-6507!

Tell your representative NAFTA 2.0 must benefit people and the planet.

Your sample script:

Hi, my name is ________________.

I'm calling from Tucson today to oppose Donald Trump's plans for renegotiating NAFTA.

I'm deeply troubled that the same corporate advisers who backed past flawed trade deals are now working on revising NAFTA behind closed doors. Any new deal should respect workers and the planet. Instead, Trump seems intent on giving corporate polluters even more power over our trade agenda.  I'm calling on my member of Congress to oppose Trump's trade agenda. Thank you.

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