Saturday, May 27, 2017

Show up! Speak up at a town-hall meeting! Find a resistance event near you!

These last two weeks have been challenging. From the Trump-Russia ties to the Trump budget proposal to the CBO report that 23 million people would lose health care under the AHCA, the news has been stunning.
We need to keep the resistance going and keep fighting back this Memorial Day recess, when members of Congress will be in their home states and districts.

Many members are holding town hall meetings and other constituent events -- although too many are not. But in the districts of many of those members of congress not holding public events, other grassroots events are being organized to get their attention.
ALL members of Congress -- senators and representatives, Republicans and Democrats -- need to be hearing from their constituents this coming week about the urgency of:
  • Holding Trump and top administration officials accountable for their flagrant disregard of the rule of law, their trampling of our democratic institutions, and potential corruption at the highest levels of our government...
  • STOPPING passage of the AHCA (Trumpcare) in the Senate, and accountability for Republicans who voted to pass it in the House...
  • Resisting Trump’s disastrous budget, which includes deep cuts to Medicaid, food stamps, student aid and more to pay for massive tax cuts for the top fraction of the top 1%...
  • Speaking out against the DOJ’s actions to criminalize communities of color, the Right’s ongoing attacks on women and voting rights, efforts to reshape the judiciary with extreme far-right judges, and more...
(You can also organize and submit your own event on that national action hub.)
AND… we want to hear YOUR story of resistance!
When we’re able to amplify the stories of PFAW members resisting in their communities, it encourages more engagement from others, energizing the resistance movement even more. This works -- it’s science!
We’re eager to know what you’re doing to resist in your community or what kind of activism you are seeing where you live.
If you plan to attend (or host) an event this recess, please tell us about it!
And after you take part in an event or a grassroots action, please let us know about your experience.
-Bradley Williams, People for the American Way
An additional useful tool for any resister looking to organize locally is the Indivisible Guide -- A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda -- which can be found here:

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