Friday, May 26, 2017

Trump's budget is a corporate-influenced plan to put profits ahead of people. Time for THE PEOPLE'S BUDGET!

Yesterday, the Trump administration released its proposed budget -- and it was nothing but a wish list of tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy at the expense of working-class and poor Americans.

This budget shows where the Trump administration thinks the focus of the country should be. As it's written, the Trump budget:
  • Slashes Medicaid and anti-poverty efforts, including food stamps and programs that feed kids without enough to eat
  • Guts the EPA -- threatening the air we breathe, the water we drink and our climate for the next generation
  • Calls for more than $1.6 billion to fund Trump's fanatical, inhumane border wall with Mexico
  • But, most importantly to Trump, his proposed budget gives massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, giant corporations, and special interest groups
The Trump budget is a corporate-influenced Republican plan to put profits ahead of people.
That's why members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus released the People's Budget: a plan for how we can return economic and political power back to the people.

Our People's Budget is a commitment to our communities and the values we fight for. Unlike the Republican alternatives that prioritize corporations and the ultra-rich, the People's Budget focuses on working families, people of color, women, and seniors -- and aims to decrease the economic inequality that plagues so many of our communities.

And, unlike Trump's budget, our People's Budget ensures that working-class Americans have the opportunities they need to get ahead.

- Raúl Grijalva

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