Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sign the petition to Defend Federal Research from Political Suppression

Defend Federal Research from Political Suppression

Require agencies to provide researchers with whistleblower protections, the ability to review public communications on their research, and the right to communicate freely with the public and Congress.


Political interference in federal research has long been an issue, but concerns have skyrocketed since Election Day. Technically, each agency is supposed to create a Scientific Integrity Policy to protect independent research -- but the guidelines are vague, and can be easily undermined.

That is not enough in an age when the president's cronies attack anything that could limit their power or politicized agenda. Support the brand-new Scientific Integrity Act in Congress!

The federal government conducts an enormous amount of essential research, including:

- Weather predictions and tracking data about climate change

- Risks posed by approving new drugs and genetically-engineered organisms

- Public health impacts of toxic chemicals

This cannot be easily reproduced on the state or private level, where limited resources leave scientific studies largely up to the whims of giant corporations. Public research must be shielded for the public good. Help pass the Scientific Integrity Act!

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